Domain names are a user-friendly way to evade dealing with a website’s true online address, the Internet Protocol, or IPaddress. The IP address, which is the site’s real unique radar, is a string of statistics that might have a few other types thrown in. These addresses are problematic if not impossible for most Internet users to recall and type into a browser hunt bar.

A site’s domain name stands in for that heavy IP address with a word-based format that’s cooler to remember and type. Purchasing domain is the most important step of every business & here are some things you need to keep in mind when buying one. We at Active Servers are always striving hard to achieve customer satisfaction and the best experience to our customers. We understand the importance of domain in today’s time & hence always work towards providing our clients with the best costing & services.

Our domain services are the best you can find countrywide. These days investing in a good domain, certainly costs a lot. Domain registration is an on-going process & needs investment to be done on a long-term basis. Many big players in the market will let you invest a substantially less amount in the primary or first year, say of about INR 300 plus GST. However, the prices of registering the domain for the next year can go up to or more than INR 999 in coming years plus GST

This in simpler terms means that you actually end up paying a whopping amount every year. On the other hand, we at Active server charge only INR 610 for Domain booking, Renewal, Transfer so you pay 1220 + GST for two years. Isn’t this a big cost saver for you as compared to the other offers in the market? Besides this, our support team shall always be at your disposal to resolve quickly any queries or bugs!


Its time you switch from the big players in the market & instead switch to us!

Here’s a simple calculation for better understanding

A big service provider may charge you INR 300+ INR 4996 = INR 5296 +GST while at Active Servers charge you only INR 610 for 5 years = INR 3050 + GST for 5 years!


At Active Servers, we are the only company in India that provide you with domain booking, renewal and transfer all at the same price. This feature helps you to avail all services under one roof without any hassle or trouble. Our aim through this feature is to offer our clients complete ease and services at the best rate possible. By getting everything under one roof, you can also be rest assured about the after sales services & support.


Saturday, August 10, 2019

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