What is the need of SSL


Nowadays opensource is on its pick. Most developers want to do less coding & get most of the code from google or use open-source scripts/code but this is never a good approach. when you use some other code you have no idea about the code/script. do these scripts are safe or not? do these scripts contain some hacking code? Most developers do not care about these points & upload sites on web hosting servers. When the site uploaded perfectly on the server, the developer never upgrade the script or version of open-source scripts.

Since the developer is aware of the script's code then there are very heavy chances of hacking. when the site is hacked the developer thinks that it is the server provider's fault, the server does not have proper security but this is completely wrong thinking. when a developer does not code by them self then there are heavy chances of hacking.

How to save your side from hackers

When we use the HTTP protocol then all communication sends & receives a message in plain text. so hackers easily track your data & fetch your username & password so we should use protocol the communicate with encryption technology. when your data is encrypted then hackers can not get your details. when your website contains private information, the website use some open-source scripts then the end user must buy SSL/HTTPS.

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