Plesk Installation

It provides a simple yet performant and scalable platform for modern website hosting.                                                        

With the Plesk hosting panel, you can access a current and lightweight stack. It will help you build, secure, and run websites and applications through one intuitive browser-based interface. Our Plesk hosting panel provides all support services.

The Plesk setup task will include the below activities.

  1. Need Fresh installed OS
  2. Update the OS
  3. Install Plesk Panel
  4. HostName setup
  5. NameServers setup
  6. Installation of Plesk firewall
  7. Installation of WordPress toolkit
  8. Installation of the SEO toolkit
  9. Installation of Malware tool (Free/Paid as per customer budget ) 
  10. Configure the free SSL option in Plesk
  11. Installation of PHP versions and extension
  12. Installation of Plesk Antivirus for email
  13. Configure Ipban and ModSecurity
  14. Enable SMTP Restrictions
  15. Configure Security Policies
  16. Configure backup Manager
  17. PHP Memory, execution time, Max Upload size set
  18. Installation of Plesk extension like Git, Monitoring, SSH terminal, Log browser, Permissions Recursive, Diskspace Usage Viewer 
  19. Host a Test website.
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