Instructions for Re seller accounts owner

HI, All re sellers account owner must follow the following rules.

1. Always choose difficult password for hosting accounts, ftp accounts, mail accounts. e.g. 123 is not good password. choose password like dascD#$23dcds.

2. Always choose difficult username username. Please don't give username by domain name. e.g. suppose your domain name is activeserver,in so don't give user name like activeserver. hackers can easily crack your username.

3. Each month change your passwords

4. When client use any open source application then please inform to client that 'update open source applications time to time'. if open source applications are not updated time to time then there is high change of hacking. e.g. WordPress

5. Please take backup of your all accounts time to time. As Re seller person you should care about your backup.

6. Please don't send bulk mails. if any one send bulk mails then his account will be blocked.

7. if mails are going in to spam then please buy Email Hosting

8. If client is running online shopping portal then please ask to client for purchase a HTTPS, Site lock. HTTPS will encrypt their all data. As hosting provider we can give a security to servers but we can not take responsibility of client code. client code may have SQL injection issue.

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