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cPanel is a web hosting control panel that allows you to manage your server's configuration. It acts as a gateway between your web server and the developer, so it needs to be responsive, reliable, and quick to respond. Cpanel is the most preferred hosting control panel. Commonly, developers and web development companies need cPanel support. 

Active Servers offer cPanel hosting. We've got all the support you need, from quick answers to complex questions, so you can get your hosting up and running in no time. Active Servers provide cPanel support in the below categories:

  1. Cpanel Installation – Installing cPanel on your server is a relatively straightforward process, but it can be overwhelming if you're not sure where to start. If you need assistance in setting up cPanel, we've got you covered with cPanel installation instructions and step-by-step guides. 


  1. Cpanel optimization – Optimising the server so the website loads faster which is a significant factor in SEO to improve your website rankings. We offer cPanel optimization services to our clients at competitive prices.


  1. Cpanel security setup – Security is the heart of any server. Install all necessary applications which protect your server from hacking. We may install ClamAV, Imunify Av, and Imunify 360 based on requirements and budget. 


  1. Cpanel migration – Active Servers help you in migrating data from one server to another without having data loss. We can migrate your data from any other hosting panel to cPanel. If a customer does not have root access, Active Servers will migrate your data manually. 


  1. Cpanel monthly support – Our support team provides cPanel support to your customer/developer based on your requirements. We provide support within the SLA and client time zone.


  1. Cpanel task base support – If you have any questions about how to use Cpanel or if you have any issues regarding cPanel tasks then feel free to contact us. We will focus on your requirements and provide you with quality support. 


  1. Cpanel consultancy - We provide you with an expert view for buying a new server, server migration, or any issue you are facing in the current server.

  1. Backup service – Provide you with a complete backup solution so you can recover your data in case of a server crash.


Active Servers will perform an analysis and give you a report based on customer requirements and suggest solutions. Also, will monitor your server for one week after work is finished to avoid recurring issues.

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