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We all know the value of our data. Companies generate/gather website data with lots of hard work, research and analysis so day by day website data is becoming more important. Everybody knows that their website data is very important but most of the time due to poor knowledge and planning most of the small-scale companies are not taking backup of their data. If companies take backup of the website then they put backup data of web hosting servers only.

There are two drawbacks to putting backup data on the Hosting panel

1. If any hacker hacks the site and deletes all the files then the backup is also lost.
2. If the hard disk is crashed of hosting server then the backup is also lost.

We can not take backups of website data and databases on our computers each day. It is a manual task and risky. so we need an automation process that takes a backup of each data automatically. ActiveServers offers Website Backup to its customers.

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