How to run mysql and MariaDB in plesk

With the help of docker, we can use Mysql and MariaDB at same time in Plesk panel. Now Plesk has default MariaDB as database however many applications needs Mysql as database. Please follow below steps to run Mysql and MariaDB in Plesk at same time. 

  1. Please login to Plesk panel using root login details
  2. Install docker. To install docker, Your may take help of Install Docker in Plesk
  3. Go to Docker and search Mysql. You will ger search result for Mysql and install Mysql version as per your need.


4.  Once installation will done, You can Mysql option. Now click on settings.

5. Set Memory limit to 2048.

6. Uncheck "Automatic port mapping" and enter port numbers for Mysql access.

7. Add Mysql ports in Plesk firewall. 

8. You need to add variable "MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD" and it's value in Environment variables option. You may refer below screen shot.

Docker Plesk


9. Click on Save.

10. Now to go Tools & Settings --> Database Base server

11. Click on Add Database server.

12. Enter IP as " and port number which you have assign to Mysql and whitelist in firewall.

13. Enter your root database password and click on save. You may follow below screen.

Docker Plesk

14. Now to go to any domain and then Database option. Click on Add Database option. You can see both Mysql and MariaDB.


If you need any help in docker with Plesk panel then you can avail support services from Linux Server Support & Windows Server Support in India | Active Servers

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