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Online businesses are booming, and the number of companies spending huge amounts on development and developers to make their online projects successful is increasing rapidly. However, without proper server selection that takes into account application behavior, any well-written code will ultimately fail.

Before deciding on a server, it's important to take into account the various factors that will affect its performance. These include: 

  • Server location - The closer the server is to your users, the faster they can access your website. However, there are also logistical considerations to be taken into account (such as bandwidth and room for expansion).

  • Server CPU and RAM - A high-powered computer is necessary to handle heavy loads or high volumes of traffic. However, choosing a too-powerful machine could lead to instability or even crashes. Make sure you have enough memory available so that scripts won't halt unexpectedly due to a lack of storage space.

  • Server budget - You don't need an expensive server if you're not planning on using many features or applications specific to servers such as databases or eCommerce systems. Instead, seek out affordable options that offer good performance without breaking the bank (average prices range from $100-$300 per month). Be aware that more expensive servers come with better security and longer warranties/support times; however, these benefits should not necessarily be overvalued when compared against other factors such as speed and flexibility.

  • Backup plan - Ensure you have a robust backup system in place before choosing a server because data loss is never fun! Popular backup software includes Rsync, SpiderOak EndPoint, Crashplan for Macs, and Backblaze B2. 

  • Security of Server –  The safety of resources and data stored on servers is the primary focus of server security. It is made up of tools and methods that help stop intrusions, hacking, and other malicious activities. Security measures for servers vary and typically are implemented in layers.

Choosing the right server solutions for an online business is critical to success. However, many businesses don't take the time to consult with an experienced provider before making a decision. That's where Active Servers come in. Our team of experts can provide free server consultations and help you choose the best servers for your application behavior. 

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