Web Statics in windows hosting

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We all want traffic on web sites. we all want to check how much visitors are using website. To collect this data, many users have to pay extra cost to third party tools but activeservers is providng free web statics tools which each & every windows hosting. web statics helps us to keep try each & every state of the website.

Web statics provide the following options

1. Summary
2. Monthly history
3. Days of month
4. Days of week
5. Hours
6. Countries 
7. Hosts
8. Robots/Spiders visitors
9. Visits duration
10. File type
12. Pages-URL
13. Operating Systems
14. Browsers

To check web static following the below steps

1. Login to pleask panel.
2. Go to web statics option & click on it
3. It will ask username & password (Enter your hosting username & password)
4. Now you can see the web statics details.

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