How to Backup & Restore of website to one server to another server


First we will see how to take backup from C panel.

  1. Login to C panel
  2. Click on Backup wizard option
  3. Choose backup
  4. Choose partial backup
  5. now you can see three options a.Home directory b.Database c. Email
  6. Click all of then one by one. Copy of these data are saved on your local drive.
  7. this process may take some time.

How to Restore the Backup to C panel

  1. Login to C panel
  2. Click on Backup wizard option
  3. Click on Restore option
  4. Now first choose Home directory option
  5. Select local copy of home directory(which is generated during backup step) & upload it
  6. Follow the step 5 for Database & Email
  7. Now your website is restroed on new server.

Please cross check the data. 

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